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Slow SMB after upgrade to 6.9.x


Slow SMB after upgrade to 6.9.x

After upgrading to one of the lastest firmware releases, I noticed my speeds dropping to about 35MB/s instead of Usual 100MB/s+


I have seem many topics about it, with similar issue, but all currently closed due to inactivity.


Issue is being caused by Encryption being used even when it's explicitely disabled!!


The only way I was able to disable SMB encryption was by setting client max protocol = NT1 in /etc/frontview/samba/smb.conf.defaults.


I believe this is a bug on smb used in ReadyNAS. How to raise a bug report ?



Model: RN31600|ReadyNAS 300 Series 6- Bay
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Re: Slow SMB after upgrade to 6.9.x

Hi @emerzonbr, You also might want to try app "SMB plus", which has an option to configure security (e.g. encryption).

There is another very useful parameter you can set, which is preallocating space when writing to your volume. The effect is nearly zero defragmentation and leads to very little time for maintenance related to this.

Not forget to mention, that you can control, which minimum and maximum smb protocol releases you want to allow on your system.

I'm using it for years and had no issues with smb so far.

Should you encounter all your problems, though you have "SMB plus" already installed, sorry for bothering you with this.

Good luck with fixing and kind regards.

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