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Sync-ing Files to NAS ......


Sync-ing Files to NAS ......

Hello All -

I own a ReadyNAS Duo (v1). I would like to be able to have folders on my PC synced / backup (Win 7) with my NAS (preferably auto at night). Does Netgear have a solution? Third Party?

Typically I backup from NAS to a ext HD (works fine). Can't get NAS (RAIDar) to backup the other way. Tried "Cobian" and Allway Sync with no luck (couldn't properly get into and 'see" the NAS). I suspect something to do with "FTP" (a foreign topic to me).


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Re: Sync-ing Files to NAS ......

I'm not familiar with Cobian or Allway Sync.

Personally I use Acronis, which runs on the PCs per schedule and outputs its image files to destination folders on the NAS. It needs the NAS credentials to do that. Acronis is just backing up, it is not 2-way sync.

Frontview can do backup jobs from a PC folder to the NAS, but it can be a little tricky to set up. You need to share the PC folder (on the PC), and often need to use the PC's IP address instead of its name.

If you map the destination share on the duo to a drive letter on the PC, you can find a number of PC tools that will work.
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Re: Sync-ing Files to NAS ......

I'll try that. Thanks.
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Re: Sync-ing Files to NAS ......

I use Cobian backup to backup some folders on NAS to PC, and some PC folders to NAS. It works very well. Never had a problem with connection. Have you ensured that the windows username and password is registered as a user on the NAS?
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