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404 error Nighthawk app when trying to reset device password


404 error Nighthawk app when trying to reset device password

90% of my issues have been with my Verizon wireless router (which is maddening because this model extender I purchased was recommended by Verizon). With that said, I am having trouble on the Nighthawk app and logging into the device with username and password. I must have created a username and password at some point (to register the product) but for the life of me, my go to username and passwords aren't working.



I'm trying to reset the device password on Nighthawk app, and when I click "reset password" I get a 404 error. 

It seems like that is the only place I can reset the password. 

I'm trying to message support, but Netgear has made that really difficult to get a conversation going, so I've come here to you very fine folks. Thank you in advance for the help. 


Edit- update:

Got a chat going with Netgear on the issue, and they are emailing me steps on how to reset the user name and password of the  extender. 

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