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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet


AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I am now wondering why I bought this, with all I have read online about the internet connection problems with these extenders.

The first time I connected it to the Spectrum Router/Modem, I had to get a cable to hardline connect to the extender to get it set up.


Anyway, my tale of woe:


The Extender was working with the existing Spectrum Modem/Router.

Spectrum had to replace the modem/router.

They replaced it with a 2-piece modem and router.

I can connect through the router to the internet.

Now, I followed the instructions to reconnect the extender to the new router

Start at RESET

Connect to Extender network

Click New Extender Setup

Enter Admin Account Info

Click Continue

Click Wifi Range Extender

Extender Scans Both Frequencies

Pick the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Networks to connect to

Input Passwords for each band

use password same as existing

Click Next

Applying Settings (This may take a moment)

Almost 2 minutes later, screen comes up that says Connect Any WiFi device using the credentials below

Try to connect phone to 5G_EXT

Connects, but "Internet may not be available"

Shows network speed as 130 Mbps, WPA2 PSK on

YouTube cannot connect to internet

2G_EXT won't connect either

I have 3 green lights on the router (double arrows and 2 band lights)

Click the "Continue" button on the computer screen

"You are not connected to your Extender's WiFi Network"


This seems to be a variant to a common tale of woe.

How do I get the Extender to complete the setup and connect to the Router and Internet PROPERLY??

As I stated at the beginning, I can connect directly to the router, and the connection is OK. Slow, but OK (38 Mbps)


I have tried various things to get this to work, to no avail.


Does anyone have any advice, or what to do next. Please be specific. Vague generalities won't work.

Model: EX6200|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

So does anyone have an answer for why the Netgear Extenders don't work with Spectrum equipment?  Can find plenty of people who are experiencing issues,but no answers.

Model: EX7700|AC2200 Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I have the same problem. It seems that Netgear extenders do not play well with Spectrum routers. You can establish a connection to the extender ( and verify the connection exists by looking at the "connected devices" on the extender's web page and the router's web page. Yet no bytes get transmitted. I suspect that DNS queries are getting blocked some how. Anyway, this problem seems to occur again and again in this Community and yet Netgear has provided no guidance.
Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I'm having the same problem. Could someone in tech support send a link to troubleshoot. Very frustrated.

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NETGEAR Employee Retired

Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

Hi scottwery - It would help if you could tell us during what step of the setup process you're running into issues with along with the firmware version the extender is currently on. Please refer to page 15 of the user manual for setup installation.




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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I was on with Netgear support and Spectrum for 3 hours. All that was accomplished was the firmware is up to date (call Spectrum) and then they advised they can’t help alter their router settings so the extender will work. Now past Best Buy return date. Please Netgear provide some guidance here?!?
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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

Simple. Don't ever buy another Netgear product.


Their lack of customer service in situations like this is almost criminal.

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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

Having same issue....but, it's not just NetGear.  I just returned a Linksys 6350 because Linksys techs said their wifi extender would not work with Spectrum routers. I now have a Rock Space AC1200 WiFi router and it is doing the same thing. For what Spectrum is charging me for the second, non-promotional year...maybe I should go back to AT&T.  HA!  Hope we all can figure this out.

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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I am having the exact same problem here.  I called customer support because I am in my 90 day "free" support period.  When the CS Agent couldn't get the extender to work...she said I had to wait 10 minutes to see if it would connect.  And, that she would call back.  However, if she got busy I could call back another time.  You guessed it...she didn't call back.  Back to Best Buy with this piece of crap.  Funny, I specifically asked the sales person at Best Buy if this extender would work with a Spectrum Router after reading about some of these issues.  His reply, "aboslutely".  "Netgear is a big company" he said, "they make sure their products work with the large providers like Spectrum."  What a waste of time.  Shame on Netgear for selling a product that does not work as intended.  Buy something esle!

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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

I was also having this issue. Received the Netgear extender today, plugged it in and had no issues connecting it to the router and got my laptop and smartphone to connect to the "extended" 2G and 5G networks, but no internet connection to be found. 


I called support, spent 30 minutes on the phone and was told my issue needed to be escallated to an "expert." To be escallated, it's a $49 one-time fee, or I could sign up for an extended service plan at $199 or a three-year at $299. All for my non-working $40 product. I wanted it to work and because I'm a sucker, I did the one-time support and was told I wouldn't be charged until it's all working. 


Two hours of calls and screen-sharing from an "expert," I was told that the issue is with my Spectrum router, not with anything on Netgear's end. I was told the best solution from there is to buy a Netgear router from them while on the phone - for $350. Oh, I'd get a year's service plan too. What a joke! I told them I'd rather just return the extender and get Spectrum out here to run another outlet in the room I need coverage in for $49 and never have to even worry about extending WI-FI. As soon as Spectrum allows technicians back into customers' homes from the coronavirus issue, I'll have someone out here to do just that and never mess with Netgear products again. 

Model: A6150|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi USB Mini Adapter
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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

spectrum tech told us that their new equipment is not compatible with any extender except the one now being marketed by spectrum....$49.99 installation fee and monthly rental fee

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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

Finally got mine to connect.  Had to input the SSID manually and change the security to WPA2 option.  It didn't seem to like the automatically selected option.

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Re: AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200v2) Won't Connect to Internet

Did you change the security settings on the router or extender?

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