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Re: Issue connecting EX6100 to network


Issue connecting EX6100 to network

I have a ex6100 that was previously installed and working in a different home. When I plug the extender in, close to the router, for setup, the wifi networks that populate are EX6100_EXT_2GEXT and the same for 5G. It does not show NETGEAR_EXT.

If I try to connect to either of the available EX6100 networks I get an error message 'couldn't get ip address'.

I have reset the extender to factory setting several time. I have mage sure to hold the button in for at least 15 seconds, until the amber light blinks rapidly, but still do not get a NETGEAR_EXT default option when it reboots. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Issue connecting EX6100 to network

The EX6100 has an ethernet port on it. You can hardwire a pc/laptop into it for setup. 

Have you tried that option? 

Or tried using the option of setting up using the WPS push button method. 

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Re: Issue connecting EX6100 to network

My router is not WPS capable.

When I connect my pc to the extended via ethernet, I have to same situation. I have an internet connection through my usual wifi network but I can't access the extenders network which it seems is where I am stuck.
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