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Need help with extenders and my detached garage


Need help with extenders and my detached garage

I have a Nighthawk X6 3200 router in my basement near the front of the house. My general issue is signal in the detached garage in the rear of the house 30ft away.

I bought a AC 1200 extender and placed it on the first floor rear of the house (kitchen) and it seems to work very well throughout the house and back deck, yay for netgear!

I need coverage in the garage, so i tried to move the extender to the garage and i got a better signal than without it but it is very weak and unreliable and drops (not good for the cycling trainer i want to hook up in the garage). I thought wow, if i had another wifi extender in the kitchen (so two extenders) i could get a good signal out here and not need to run a hard line to my garage! But then i researched thats not how it works after i bought the secont extender ( nighthawk AC 1900 extender). 

Any suggestions? 


Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Need help with extenders and my detached garage

Any chance of getting the main host router up out of the basement on up to a main floor? Having wifi in the base ment not good for signal coverage. Then put a extender out in the garage area or closer to the garage. 

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Re: Need help with extenders and my detached garage

> [...] Nighthawk X6 3200 [...] AC 1200 extender [...] nighthawk AC 1900
> extender [...]

   None of those is an actual model number.  "AC1900" is a speed, not a
model number.  Ever helpful, Netgear product packaging emphasizes speeds
like "ACxxxx", but that's not the model identifier.  Look at the product

> [...] I need coverage in the garage, [...]

   Use a pair of Powerline adapters to provide an Ethernet port in the
garage, which is effectively connected to the main (house) network?
Perhaps one of those (unspecified) extenders could use that Ethernet
port to provide a wireless access point in the garage.

   I assume that the garage power comes from the house.

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