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WN3000RP-200FRS can't complete setup


WN3000RP-200FRS can't complete setup

I'm trying to setup my new wifi repeater. It's a French version of the WN3000RP-200.


I can go through the setup process until it asks me to connect to the newly created network. At this point I get this screen:


I have tried multiple times and it simply doesn't work. Every time I get the same page. The connection strength is at 70+% and the initial connection uses WEP 128bit. 

This is the ipconfig screen I get when attached to the extender:


When I ping "www.google.com" etc I get a response from the same IP every time which is the last IP in the address range that my router provides. When I ping "" I get a message saying that net is unreachable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: WN3000RP-200FRS can't complete setup

Hi dewiar,


Which router are you using with the WN3000RP?

Are both the router and WN3000RP updated to latest firmware?


Are you able to test other Security options such as WPA/WPA2 ?




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