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cannot connect extender to router


cannot connect extender to router

my extender will not connect to my wireless router. i went through the steps from the manual, my router link light is on but it will not connect to the new extender wifi that i set up, it keeps saying that it is th incorrect password. i have tried to restore my factory settings but i cannot get back the netgear_ext network, it just has the new wifi that i set up, in the installation process. does anyone know how i can reset things and start over. 

Model: EX6100|AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: cannot connect extender to router

Have you tried hard wiring into the extender? And by that I mean attaching a ethernet cable to the extender and the other end to your computer. then log in via mywifiext.net . default log in is admin and default password is password. try going into the extender from this route to connect to your extender and set it up. 

You don't say what model linksys router you're connecting to. If it has bandsteering, make sure its disabled for setting up extenders. 

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