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Re: Intermittent Insight Connectivity Loss????


Intermittent Insight Connectivity Loss????

Anyone else noticed their Insight cloud managed devices randomly showing they're not connected to the management cloud?


I have two cloud managed devices - a GC728X and a WAC510 - both of which will, from time ot time, not have the "managed LED" lit, even though the network has internet connectvity - the cloud management system does not report them as not connected, but for some reason that LED indicator is not on, it might come on 10 minutes later, it might not - it's completely random.


Since I am not losing connectivity, I have to assume the problem lies at the other end - as I type this, my laptop and IPTV are both connected to the WAC510, which is showing as not connected, and the GC728 is showing that it is.

Model: GC728X|Insight Managed 28-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud Switch with 2 SFP and 2 SFP+ Fiber Ports
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Re: Intermittent Insight Connectivity Loss????

The expected behaviour is that a device loosing the connectivity - why ever does reconnect automatically.


Have one remote site with about a dozen Insight managed devices where the GC728X does "reliably" loose the connection since some update loop late summer 2020. The GC108P, the MS510TXUP, and the WAC5xx are rock solid in the cloud connection aspect. And the connection isn't re-established as expected (not in days or weeks). Zero outages or the like in the same time frame - it happens in fact at a time when there is virtually no network activity. Does this sound familiar to you?


Said that, i kind of happy to hear this that I'm not sitting on a unique case. @RaghuHR please.






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Re: Intermittent Insight Connectivity Loss????


I think your situation is different to mine - my devices don't lose connectivity to the cloud management platform - all that happens is the LED on the device that shows they are connected goes out, the device remains connected and can be managed through the cloud.

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Re: Intermittent Insight Connectivity Loss????

Interesting - two unique cases now.


Capture the diagnostic logs from the devices affected locally, and store to some sharing site. Send the link by PM (only!)  to @RaghuHR 


Merry Xmas!

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