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Re: WAC505



Hi i purchased this product just to use as an access point i dont need a cloud base or any thing is there a simply way i can set this up as just an access point for wifi 

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Re: WAC505

Sure. Just use the local devcice UI from a Web browser. Where are you struggling?

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Re: WAC505

I have done this multiple times.  You have a couple choices for the initial access.  You can either connect it to your LAN and check your LAN's list of DHCP clients to find out the IP address to put in your browser for the web UI, or you can connect it directly to a PC which you manually configure to some address in the 192.168.0.xxx range, where xxx is not 100.  Then point your browser to which is the default address of the WAC505 when it isn't on a LAN using DHCP.  After you login with the admin/password, you will be presented with the "zero day" config/setup page where you do things like create a different password, specify that you want local/web config rather than Insight, and some other initial setting choices such as SSID/password etc.


After initial setup, you get to the web UI in a similar way (finding the assigned IP address in your DHCP server's client list, or using a static IP address if you entered such selection in the setup).  Don't forget to check for available firmware update, and be prepared that the web interface may take awhile to respond after logging in (sometimes I do a Refresh in my browser which seems to help it along).

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Re: WAC505

I neglected to note that if you are like me, your browser may present some message saying that it is unsafe to proceed to the web interface of the WAC505, and you have to click through your browser's messages carefully to proceed.  There is some way in your browser to allow a security certificate self-signed instead of from certificate authority, but I've just been continuing to click through the warnings when I need to login to the web interface again.

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