WAX610 Setup Question


I’ve just received my first WAX610 connected to a POE Switch.

I plan on getting a second WAX610 and want that to be connected directly to the switch but have the same SSID as primary WAX610. - is this possible or does the second / third WAX610 need to be connected wirelessly?

I’m also thinking about a router and was looking at the Netgear Nighthawk as I want some of the parental controls (this is a home setup)

Any way for these to work together?

I guess I’m worried whether I’ve gone the wrong direction and maybe should have looked at the Orbi ?
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Re: WAX610 Setup Question

With all AP and radios configued to the same network name (ESSID) this kind of roaming should be a snap. In standalone management, you can enable Fast Roaming (RRM, based on IEEE 802.11k) as a standard feature of the WAC5xx and WAX6xx, see the fine documentation.


With the WAC5xx/WAX6xx managed in Insight mode and if subscribed for the Insight Premium service/feature level you can enable Fast Roaming (Opportunistic Key Caching) which will assist the client to fast roam and reduce the time delay without making them go through complete over the air key exchanges, as the keys will be exchanged securely between the AP’s in the same network.

This will reduce the roaming delay to less than 100 ms as compared to 400~500 ms for a WPA2 enterprise security user.
It also assists the client in roaming between AP's without requiring re-authentication when a Captive Portal is used.


Explained in-depth -> Fast Roaming with Insight Premium 

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Re: WAX610 Setup Question

Thank you for the quick response!

Is there an easy way to configure them all? Or a manual task on each AP?

Thank you again for your support. Mark
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Re: WAX610 Setup Question

Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual Band Access Point Models WAX610 and WAX610Y User Manual p.76 "Enable or disable band steering with 802.11k RRM and 802.11v WiFi network management"



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