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GS724T Command reference manual


GS724T Command reference manual

Where can I download the reference manual that documents the configuration commands for a GS724T switch?

By configuration commands, I mean the various configuration directives contained within the file that is generated when you select Maintenance | Upload | HTTP File Upload and select a File Type of 'Text Configuration'. Example of a port configuration would be:

interface g21
description 'Switch access'
vlan pvid 10
vlan ingressfilter
vlan participation auto 1
vlan participation include 10

I am looking to download the manual that documents all of the directives contained in the configuration file.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: GS724T Command reference manual

The commands are generated and visible for up-/download are only supported in the context of the WebUI, and are not intended for user configuration and management. These Smart Switches are in no aspect fully managed switches, regardless if there are human readable.


Except of the recently introduced NETGEAR Smart Switch Lite CLI available for select models, there is no such thing.


Obvious mistake: These Smart Switches are not to be confused with the Managed Switches. So definitively the wrong community section chosen here.

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Re: GS724T Command reference manual

I don't agree.

This points to a lack of commitment to providing complete documentation on a product. I'm not singling out Netgear in this regards, it seems to be a pervasive trend whether it is hardware or software.


If the configuration file is not intended to provide a mechanism to configure a switch, why provide the ability to upload and download the configuration. As an admin, I will exploit features of both hardware and software to simply management and provide consistency of deployment of solutions. That includes ensuring switches are consistently configured for purpose.


I'm asking this question to determine if such documentation exists and to gauge if Netgear is different from its competitors.

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Re: GS724T Command reference manual

This is unrelated to Netgear or other vendors. These are all Smart Managed switches supporting a Web UI aside of SNMP. The internals used are.neiter a reference. FWIW I can show you even Cisco Small Business switches - built on the similar design, for what it's worth by the same OEM. No wonderful Cisco IOS there, too.

If you like, you are free to look into the system, the product, the Web UI - tough buying such a device does not give the ownership of the design or the right for a reverse engineering except for your own fun or pun.

Even if try hard, there is no such documentation available or made available to anyone.

PS. I'm not Netgear. At the risk you hat me, wit decades on this business: The only legally binding part is the produc description. https://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/GS724Tv1/GS724T_ds_25Jan05.pdf
Careful reading unveils, there is no CLI or shell, since the launch of the GS724T two decades ago. Very likely, it's even End-of-life.
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Re: GS724T Command reference manual

last reply on the topic: A GS724T (whatever similar hardware version): This is not a Managed Switch. 

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