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Re: GSS108E heats anormaly


GSS108E heats anormaly



I have been using this switch for some years and never had any problem with it.

Unfortunately, one day ago it started to reboot itslef continously a few minutes after power on.

I discovered that it was really hot in the area where is the chip with the heatsink.

When I let it cool down, I can use it again but after a few minutes, same problem.

It does not matter how many devices are connected or which plug there are connected to, the devices have always been the same, as well as the cables (cat6).

The heat is not dependant of the switch usage, either very low network activity or very high is the same issue.

I use the latest firmware

I have tried to reset settings, no matter.

I have opened it to see of something was burnt or damaged, it does not seem to.

Anybody has an idea of what is happening?

Model: GSS108E|ProSafe 8 ports gigabits Click switch
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Re: GSS108E heats anormaly

Head to https://supportweb.netgear.com/ -> My Products -> [select product] -> RMA. These swiches are covered by the ProSAFE LIFETIME Hardware Warranty for the original buyer. 

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