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How to reset GS724TP to Factory???


How to reset GS724TP to Factory???

Come on guys you REALLY need to get on the ball with your manuals. Show me where in the manual or any "Guide" how to reset this switch to Factory Defaults using the Reset Switch.

The switch has one and is even mentioned in the manual that is has one but the procedure to utilize it is not covered. I somehow managed to get the switch to be completely inaccessible and no matter what I try I can't seem to get it to recover.

I've tried holding the reset switch for 10 second, 20 second and even 30 second with no luck. Then I tried removing the power and powering the switch up while holding the reset switch also with no luck. So far we are NOT impressed with this switch at all. This is about the 100th Netgear switch I've personally touched and NEVER gotten completely locked out before and not been able to recover on my own.
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Re: How to reset GS724TP to Factory???

Are you hitting the Reset button or the recessed Factory Default button? Reset button just reboots the switch.
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