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Logging M4100


Logging M4100

I've looked over the user manual, the software administration manual and CLI reference manual and I'm not very clear on logging.  I'd appreciate if someone can take a few minutes and explain it here.


From what I understand there are buffered logs, command logs, console logs, syslogs, trap logs, event logs, peristent logs.  I think I got them all.


All I want is the ability to monitor my the logs for changes to the switch for security purposes and also if I can get switch statistics that would be great.  What do I need to do to accomplish that task, I have a syslog server to receive data, tell me what I need to enable.



1) Get events of changes made to the switch

2) Get any errors the switch generates

3) Get statistics

4) Send all these to a centralized syslog server




Model: M4100-26G (GSM7224v2h2)|ProSAFE 26-port Gigabit Fully Managed L2 Switch
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Re: Logging M4100

Hi exocomp,


If ever you have not yet came across on how to configure syslogs, kindly read pages 385-386 of the M4100 user manual here.  On the Severity Filter list, I suggest you select Debug so that you would identify and trace the activities through the switch. 






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Re: Logging M4100

Hi DaneA, thank you to provide detailed logs information.


Hi exocomp,


Welcome to NETGEAR community. By your requirement, I really strongly recommend you to use NMS300 managing M4100.

What can do from NMS300, get more from user manual

- Manage device configuration and firmware

- Manage Alarms and Logs

- Manage sFlow to get detailed statistics

- Manage global setting and backup


Download Link:
Win32 bit: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/NMS300/NMS300_V1.5.0.19(Win32).zip
Win64 bit: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/NMS300/NMS300_V1.5.0.19(Win64).zip


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