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Re: M4300-24X - multiple sudden restarts


M4300-24X - multiple sudden restarts


Has anyone got confirmation that heat is the cause of restarting the switch ?

Did replacing a factory installed PSU help ?

I`m having restarts quite often - twice a day or one restart in 2-3 days. The restarting unit is the backup one, (the restarting unit is allways the warmer one). It becomes unstable when reaching 64-65C. The fans duty levels are constant and I haven`t seen it changing above 27%,(mboard about 5200 rpm, PSU 4600 rpm), but the switch is burning up.

I`m running the latest firmware upgraded from (the restarts were also before the upgrade)


Similar cases:






Model: XSM4324CS|M4300-24X - Stackable Managed Switch with 24x10GBASE-T
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Re: M4300-24X - multiple sudden restarts

I am currently facing frequent restarts on my Netgear switch, which are causing disruptions to my work. I suspect that these restarts are due to heat-related problems. Has anyone else encountered similar issues and found that replacing the factory-installed PSU resolved the problem?


If anyone has encountered similar challenges or has any insights or suggestions regarding the heat-related issues affecting my work, I would greatly appreciate your input.

The restarts occur approximately twice a day or once every 2-3 days, primarily affecting the warmer backup unit. Whenever the temperature reaches around 64-65°C, the unit becomes unstable. Despite monitoring the fan duty levels, which consistently stay around 27%, and observing no changes in speed (e.g., motherboard fan at approximately 5200 RPM and PSU fan at approximately 4600 RPM), the switch continues to overheat.


I am currently using the latest firmware version (, but the restarts were present even before the firmware upgrade.

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Re: M4300-24X - multiple sudden restarts

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

I have several M4300-24x stacked, and I’m facing an issue where two units in the stack will reboot at the same time.

As per your previous post one of these units runs at 65 degrees (the other one is around 55).

After many years as a Netgear customer, these units are causing me to loose faith, especially as this stack is acting as our core.
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