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SPF and trunking between three switches


SPF and trunking between three switches

Can you use SFP stacking with trunking?

We have two Prosafe S3300-28x switches stacked using two SFP cables. These switches also have two 10Gig ports, which we would like to connect to a separate Prosafe x5708E 10Gig switch.

The idea being that all the 10Gig traffic happens across the 10Gig switch, but it still has access to the rest of the network via the trunked 10Gig connections.


Prosafe S3300-28X -----10Gig trunk 1-----
    |      |                            |
   SFP    SFP                    Prosafe S5708E
    |      |                            |
Prosafe S3300-28X -----10Gig trunk 2-----

Each 1Gig host has a connection to each S3300, and each 10Gig host has a connection to the 10Gig switch as well as two connections to the S3300 stack. Essentially, we are looking for complete redundancy on the 1Gig, not too fussed about the 10Gig, that's more of a nice-ty, but would still like it to work in case one of the S3300's dies.

The problem we have is that it appears as if the 10Gig trunk 2 (when plugged in) causes a loop in the network, and one of the trunks promptly gets disabled. What I want to know is how can I connect these three switches, with a trunk, to be a fail over?

Our thought was that the trunking should handle the looping, but it seems like it doesn't. Is there something else we should be doing instead of trunking?

Model: S3300-28X (GS728TX)|ProSafe 24 ports stackable smart switches
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Re: SPF and trunking between three switches

Hi KolonUK,


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I think you will need to configure STP between the switches.  I suggest that you use RSTP. 






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