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Netgear Armor

I purchased a subscription to Netgear Armor back in October. It hasn’t worked since day one.
When I check in my registered Armor account the subscription doesn’t even show up in there. It says no valid subscriptions. Yet Netgear know I have a subscription.
So ten months of emails still no further forward. I have contacted trading standards.
Netgear keep saying it’s all sorted now, just reset your router and it will work. So I log into my Armor account which the router will link to to activate the security and there’s no valid subscription.
I do a full reset on the router and then try to activate and guess what? No subscription found.
Going round in circles with this company. Absolutely shocking response times to emails. Pre covid.
Definitely the last Netgear product I purchase
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Re: Netgear Armor

Hello Philjk, 


I'd like to look into this further for you. May you send me a private message with your email address and serial number. 



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