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RBR50 and Armor


RBR50 and Armor

I keep getting a message that says "Configuration issue detected on ZTE 968."
I don't have a ZTE 968. I don't know if one has connected to my network at some point and I don't know who it is or what. I'm concerned it's a security breach. The message usually comes in between midnight and 6 AM. I don't know if it's someone driving by or what. Is there a way to block it if I don't have the MAC address or any other information?
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Re: RBR50 and Armor

If you go into the Device Manager on the Orbi app or browse into the admin page of the RBR and go to attached devices, look for it and block it.


Is it connected via guest or your main SSID? Either way, if it's a rogue or unauthorised device that's connected then it's using your password for guest or main SSID. Then you should change both passwords to one's that are not easy to guess brute force. 

I had what I thought was a rogue device that took ages to trace as it had an unusual MAC, it turned out to be my apple watch that was using a private MAC. I've now edited the devices list in Orbi to a recognisable name and icon. A few of my smart IoT devices come up with odd MACs or Armor thinks they are Android or Linux devices. 

yours does sound like a ZTE phone though. Sure it's no one in the household, a kid's friend on a stay over, or neighbour who knows your password or has guessed it?

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Re: RBR50 and Armor

Hi Woody13,


I understand that you were having issues with an unauthorized device on your network. You can also use the built-in access control feature to block access to unwanted devices. 


Please navigate to the link below for steps and additional information about access control:



Let me know if you have any additional questions!!




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