Security settings


Security settings


I have disabled the netgear armor just after the initial setup since I had some issues with some connected devices. It took some time as I always had an error message on time expired. Apparently it is now disabled but I can't access anymore the  security settings which disappeared from the parameters screen. How can I reinstate bitdefender ?

tks a lot 

Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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Re: Security settings

I believe that Armor can be turned on using the Orbi "app".  Since I declined to activate Armor during install, it does not show on my web interface.  The other option (shudder) is to do a "factory reset", which will bring up the option to use Armor as part of the process.


I would try the app first.


p.s. Actually, I would not activate Armor, but that's just me.  I guess thousands of people have and are happy with it. (Although the Armor community forum has 1,696 posts.  In my experience, people do not post about "positive experiences". 

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Security settings

Thanks for your reply..
The security parameters disappeared from the app also on all devices.
I was reluctant to able it again but wanted to make full use of the trial period and see what happens. Brgds
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Re: Security settings

Hi @chrrossi, when accessing the web UI of the Orbi, what is the Armor status indicated? Also, what is the firmware version of the Orbi?



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Re: Security settings

good morning,


firmware Armor Portal is off since I have desactivated it . see below picture without the security parameters but I have found in the meantime how to relaunch it via tyhe notifications.

Tks; you can close the ticket 

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