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Re: Unable to unblock legitimate site


Unable to unblock legitimate site

My wife has a legitimate URL for her work which is being blocked by Netgear Armour.


I have tried connecting with different browsers from two Win PCs, but Bitdefender is blocking.


I have the Orbi app on my Android phone, and have gone to the Security tab.  However, this URL is not appearing in the "Threats Detected and Blocked" tab.


Additionally, I have tried (unsuccessfully):

- adding a keyword in the web app's Block Sites page, with Keyword Blocking set to Never

- checked "Allow trusted IP address to visit blocked sites", and set the Trusted IP Address


Any suggestions?   I think it's pretty crap that there's no easy way to override this behaviour



- RBR850 router

- RBS850 * 1, RBS750 * 2

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Re: Unable to unblock legitimate site

Although not 100% certain, I think it is very unlikely that there is any connection between Bitdefender Armor and the web interface function to "Block Sites". The web functions are a hold-over from long ago.  One reason Parental Controls is offered on so many modern WiFi routers is that the older primitive "blocking" functions simply do not work.


Would it be convenient to take a screen shot of the error message and attach it to a post?  If the site is being blocked by the web browser, there is usually an option (hidden somewhere on the page) to ignore the error and proceed to the page.  Once that has been done, the browser remembers this and no longer displays the message.  (For example, web browsers balk at self-signed SSL certificates, at web sites that are not encrypted, and several other thiings.)


The obvious solution is to disable Armor and see if the problem goes away.

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Re: Unable to unblock legitimate site

Thanks for replying.  Screen shot below and attached.


Interestingly, if i try to access the URL on my android phone, it's also blocked, but am now able to see the incident in the Orbi app as a Blocked URL.  However, no means are apparent to unblock it.


2022-03-12 08_16_13-Window.png

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Re: Unable to unblock legitimate site

Additional observation.


If I access the URL from my Android phone, the block is logged in the Orbi Android app.  I have just realised that the app allows you to unblock when you slide each log item to the left (completely unintuitive, and not documented anywhere that I can find)


So, now I have the blocked URL under the Unblocked list........and still the URL is being blocked for all devices.


I have also reported a bug via the app.  This can be done by shaking the phone when the app is open.....again 100% unintuitive.


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Re: Unable to unblock legitimate site

The URL is blocked even on the Android phone itself?  Geez.

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