unblock outbound port for any destination


unblock outbound port for any destination

Hi, im looking for how to unblock specific ports for outgoing connection, for any destination IP , it thinks it s unsafe , but its not. I have an option to unblock it from notifications but destination IPs are constantly changing, so it blocks the next one. 


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Re: unblock outbound port for any destination

General steps for general Models that can be used for Windows Firewall on Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems.


To unblock specific ports for outgoing connections, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Open the Windows Firewall settings: Go to the Start menu and search for "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security," then click on it.

  2. Navigate to Outbound Rules: In the left-hand panel, click on "Outbound Rules."

  3. Create a new rule: Click on "New Rule" in the right-hand panel.

  4. Select the rule type: Choose "Port" as the type of rule you want to create.

  5. Enter the port number: Specify the port number that you want to unblock for outgoing connections.

  6. Choose the protocol: Select the protocol used by the application (TCP or UDP).

  7. Choose the action: Select "Allow the connection" to unblock the port.

  8. Choose the profile: Select the appropriate profile (domain, private, or public) for the application.

  9. Choose the scope: Select "Any IP address" for the scope to allow connections to any destination IP.

  10. Give the rule a name: Enter a name for the rule and click "Finish" to create it.

Once you have created the new rule, outgoing connections on the specified port should be unblocked. Note that this approach may introduce security risks, as it allows any outgoing connection on the specified port. If you know the specific destination IP address or range of IPs you want to allow, you can specify them in the rule's scope instead of using "Any IP address."


@slavao Use this Method you will find it helpful.

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Re: unblock outbound port for any destination

It is being blocked by netgear armor security , sorry forgot to mention , not windows firewall. Thanks
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