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1GB network adapters not working in ReadyNAS 626X (RN626X00)


1GB network adapters not working in ReadyNAS 626X (RN626X00)

I appears that both 1GB LAN ports on my ReadyNAS rn626x has failed.  The two 10GBe LAN ports are working ok.


When I power on the NAS with no patch cables attached; the 1GB LAN2 port link LED immediately illuminates solid green and its bicolor activity LED is off.   The LEDs for the other three LAN ports are all off.  This indication does not change if I connect a live known good patch cable to this port.


If I connect a live known good patch cable to the 1GB LAN1 Port, its link and activity LEDs will blink once and then turn off. 


The front of the NAS shows "No IP Address" with a live known good patch cable attached to either 1GB LAN1 or LAN2 ports.


If I attach this same 1Gbps patch cable to either of the two 10GB LAN ports, the ports connect at 1Gbps with proper link and activity LED indications for 1Gbps speed.  If I attach a 10Gb patch instead, the ports connect at 10Gbps with proper link and activity indications for 10Gbps speed.  In these cases the front of the NAS displays the assigned IP address.


The Network links admin page is only showing three adapters; "eth0", "eth1" and "eth2".  The forth is missing.

  • The "eth0" adapter shows 1 Gbps bandwidth.  This adapter graphic is shown in a dark shade of gray.  It's color never changes (live patch cable connected or not); always dark gray.
  • The "eth1" and "eth2" adapters show 10Gbps bandwidth.  These adapter graphics are shown in green when a patch cable is attached and faint gray when the cable is disconnected.


The MAC addresses shown on the Network links admin page;

  • "eth0" - B0:B9:8A:45:6E:D0   (listed as MAC1 on case label)
  • "eth1" - B0:B9:8A:45:6E:D2   (listed as MAC3 on case label)
  • "eth2" - B0:B9:8A:45:6E:D3   (listed as MAC4 on case label)


The Network links admin page is missing the 1GBe adapter link associated to MAC2 B0:B9:8A:45:6E:D1 on the case label.


I've grepped the system logs and found no trace MAC2.  The logs contained entries for the other MACs though.


I've tired the following without success;

  • cycling power several times.   
  • changing the "eth0" link settings (including disabling and enabling).
  • factory reset the device from the boot menu.

Current Firmware version is 6.10.8.


The NAS is connected to a Netgear M5300-28G-POE+ switch.  


I'm inclined to think that my NAS has experienced a hardware failure.   Any suggestions of other things to try before I contact paid support?  



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Re: 1GB network adapters not working in ReadyNAS 626X (RN626X00)

Since the OS is on the drives, the best way to confirm that it's a hardware problem and not an OS one (for any problem that could be either) is to remove the drives and insert just a scratch drive on which the system can create an entirely new OS partition.  If the problem persists, it's either a corrupt flash (not likely in this case) or a hardware problem.

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Re: 1GB network adapters not working in ReadyNAS 626X (RN626X00)

I was thinking the same thing.  I already reset it to factory defaults with a new uninitialized disk installed and got the same results. 


I'll contact paid support to see what can be done and at what cost.  I bought this one used so I don't have warranty.  If its not economical to repair, I continue running it as is since I don't use the 1GB LAN ports anyways.


Since Netgear EOL'd the ReadyNAS line, I need to migrate away from them anyways.  I've had a good run with them for the past 14 or so years.  Still have a couple RNDP6000 reliably running 24x7 in production (with upgraded RAM, CPU and OS6).


I'm considering moving to TrueNAS Mini XL+ running Scale to enable replication (once Scale is production worthy).

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Re: 1GB network adapters not working in ReadyNAS 626X (RN626X00)

Netgear won't repair it, so save your money.  They've never offered in or out of warranty repairs on ReadyNAS -- just warranty replacement.

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