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My little oops


My little oops

I was re-routing some of my power cords while my NV+ was initializing a new drive and I pulled the wrong power cord out of my UPS.

My heart skipped a bit as I was thinking about my data on my NAS. I had a backup but still didn’t want to have to deal with a restore.

I plugged my NV+ back in, turned it on, and it started a file system check. There were a few errors, which it fixed, and then it started to initialize the new disk again. A little while later, it was done with the initialization and started to sync the RAID. My system was back up and running fine.

It’s nice to have a product work exactly as advertized. I know I made the right choice in choosing a ReadyNAS product and cringe to think of what might have happened with another product.

Two thumbs up to Netgear and the ReadyNAS team for making a superior product.
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Re: My little oops

Glad to hear of the smooth recovery from power failure for a ReadyNAS NV+.

With firmware rev RAIDiator 4.1.10, a number of us cannot reboot at all after a power failure.
The unit never gets to a disk drive access after 32 hours of trying.
The boot never completes, there is no file system repair, not RAID resynch, and so there is no operating system, no admin page.
Want phone support? Pay $299 -- your NASbox is too old.
It broke down 5 months ago and we gave you this new one manufactured 11 months ago?
It doesn't matter. Your phone support has expired.
Well, at least I alerted you guys to revise revision 4.1.10.

And I am thankful for the replacement. Why was it replaced?
I woke up to a dead ReadyNAS -- didn't even send me an email.
Booted to a kernel panic error, suggesting a driver problem.
And what did the driver do? "Firmware error" in a second drive.
Two drives down, all data lost.
Hypothesis: one drive died in the night, then ReadyNAS driver problems damaged a second drive while accessing its firmware (e.g., to command S.M.A.R.T. tests, whatever).

I look forward to someday enjoying the same level of performance you do. So far, RAID technology has brought me no increase in data security.

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Re: My little oops

Jerry phone support is free for the first 90 days after purchase. After that there is online support you can use. See the "Online Submission" link in my sig.
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