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NV+v2 dual disk failure: recovery possible?


NV+v2 dual disk failure: recovery possible?


I already made a ticket for this issue (# 22899617), but I thought i'd post it here as well, just in case.

I'm having a problem with multiple disk failures on my NV+v2. It's loaded with 4 Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST3000DM001 disks.

It seems like both disk 2 and 3 are failing, so I got 2 WD RED WD40EFRX drives to replace them. (both the seagates as the WDs are on the HCL)

Below is the sequence of events:

First, I got an error message late at night that drive 2 had failed, and the nas would shut down to protect the volume.

Next day, I booted the NAS again and it recognized the (old) drive in bay 2 as 'new' and started resyncing the volume to it. Meanwhile I also got an error message that drive 3 was about to fail; its ATA error count and reallocated sector count had risen (the latter one now being >100).

At this point I decided to order the 2 new WD drives to replace the faulty seagates.

Next, however, the resync to drive 2 stopped at about 60% with the error: 'Sync has complete but the array is still degraded. This may be due to disk failure.' Both disk 2 and 3 now showed in frontview as 'spare drives'. After that I shut down the nas to wait for my new drives.

When these arrived, i booted the nas and immediately got the following error: "Volume scan failed to run properly. (nas) fsck.ext4: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/c/c"
In frontview now the volume tab was completely empty, although the drive info showed 4 green lights.

I figured the sync error was due to a problem with disk 2, as it had already failed once, so i pulled that one and inserted one of the new WD drives. Frontview recognized the drive but the nas got stuck on 'testing disk 2' for over 15 minutes, so i rebooted. When the system came up again it showed the (new) drive 2 as OK, only not in the array. Volume was fine but not redundant. So I pulled and re-inserted drive 2 (WD). Now it recognized it properly and started syncing it.

The next morning however, the sync again failed at around 60%, showing drive 2 and 3 as spare, same as before. After reboot again all drives green, but the volume again completely absent with the same error message about volume scan fail as before and again a slightly increased ATA error count on disk 3.

After that I shut down the nas again and opened this support ticket. Seems to me like the failing drive 3 is preventing the sync from running fully. Only hope at this point is that the sync actually went ok and the 'volume degraded' message is due to the poor health on drive 3.

I would really like to replace drive 3 now too, but i'm afraid that the sync to drive 2 failed, which would mean the definite end of my volume if i pull drive 3. Is there a way to confirm the status of the sync to drive 2?

Please help!


EDIT: tech support contacted me and we are now trying to fix the problem.
EDIT2: tech support was able to remotely fix the volume enough so that I could copy some of my data off the device, before doing a factory default. Many thanks for the friendly and capable customer support of hyacinthe and jonathan from Netgear Holland! 🙂
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