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Camera system

I have trying to work on security system. It has a camera 1/2 mile away. I need a access point that will go that far and a recover that will send the camera signal back. What do you recommend

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Re: Camera system

Half mile away. Ya, thats a bit of a range thats too far for home class routers and wifi APs. 

I recommend you find a camera that is wired or set with a on site security system. Contact the Mfr of these cameras for there help and information on what suggestions could be used for remote distance cameras. 

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Re: Camera system

Ubiquiti makes a nanostation that works for security cameras.  I utilize something for security cameras here over a wide range.  I don't know how easy they are to install and setup though as I had mine professionally installed...but they seem to work like a basic repeater of a signal from a camera to your security camera server or NVR.  Just google Ubiquiti nanostation or antenna

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Re: Camera system

Netgear Airbridge can go that far but it needs line of sight and power at the site. 

You'd need one on the home and one on the camera. 

NETGEAR Wireless AirBridge - WBC502 | NETGEAR

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