D7000v2 UPnP stops working


D7000v2 UPnP stops working

Hi all,


Currently using a D7000v2 with the latest firmware (V1.0.0.74_1.0.1). I'm trying to get UPnP to work on the router settings however it only ever works for an hour or so after a factory reset after which the UPnP table stops updating. If I try turn UPnP off and on again without doing a Factory Reset, the table just stays blank and never refreshes.


I know it isn't working because my NAT type is Open in games when the table is populating. My NAT Type then changes to Moderate once it stops working. I am on a wired connection.


The Advertisement Period (in minutes) and Advertisement Time to Live (in hops) are on 30 and 4 which are the default values. Unsure if I should change this?


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a firmware I can roll back to that doesn't have this issue?


Thanks in advice for any help!

Model: D7000|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: D7000v2 UPnP stops working

Guess not even Netgear know how to fix it...

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