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Nighthawk R6700 usb network drive problems


Nighthawk R6700 usb network drive problems

Got a Nighthawk R6700 firmware V1.0.2.26_10.0.61. I'm trying to connect a WD elements 2TB network hard drive to it and access via local network. When I access via my MacBook pro everything is fine. But when I look at it through the network, I have 2 drives instead of one like Q_Drive and R_Drive. I didn't create these and not sure where they came from or why there are two when I formatted the hard drive to just have one drive. Also, several folders and files are renamed. It will change the name from something like African Playground - Putumayo to something like AN40E0~9. This happens for several folders. It will also change some files from something like Mudali Thuma - The Balladeers / Anura Jayasingha.flac to an unix executable file called MGU1DJ~B. 


I'm not sure why these strange things are happening nor how to resolve them. 

Any ideas would be great. 


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