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R6120 Internet Light Orange


R6120 Internet Light Orange


Back in September, our apartment complex experienced a power outage, which resulted in an Internet outage. Ever since, we have had issues with our wifi ranging from it not connecting at all to certain websites not being able to be reached, with the error message on Apple products being "Safari cannot open this page because the server cannot be found." Our Internet light is orange, and we have tried everything: doing a power cycle, unplugging the Internet cable, resetting it to factory settings. We do not have a modem, the router just plugs directly into the wall. Should we just get a new router? Is there any fixes? HELP!

Model: R6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R6120 Internet Light Orange

Did you check with your ISP? You might be plugging "directly into the wall" but on the other end of that is something controlling your setup. 

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