R7000 power consumption


R7000 power consumption

Is a 12V 3A adapter sufficient to power Netgear R7000?


The oem charger is rated at 3.5A, but I cheaped out and bought a R7000 without adapter (since I have some spare 3A chargers). I wonder if the extra 0.5A makes a difference.



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Re: R7000 power consumption

Maybe not too bad however over time could see problems at the power adapter or at the router. I recommend finding one that has same specs to be sure. I find mine on Amazon. 


Can try one out and see how it works. Brick may feel a bit warmer. 

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Re: R7000 power consumption

If you're not putting it under a heavy load and using the usb ports, you might be fine. All you can do is try it. If its not stable, then you might need to spring for a little bigger one. 

Or turn down the 2.4/5ghz broadcast strength and make sure not to use the usb. Those would save a bit of power. 

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