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R8000 not detected internet connection


R8000 not detected internet connection

Router worked fine for 3 months until last night. I have reset router and modem but it did not help. Called cable provider and was told wifi is the problem since cable Tv works fine Ethernet hardwired. Not tech savvy not sure what else to try.
Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: R8000 not detected internet connection

We need more info. 

1. what modem/gateway is it connected to? 
2. Firwmare on the router? 

3. What are the led's on the router showing? (color, blinking, etc)

4. Do wired devices have issues? Only wireless?  Is it saying "connected, no internet". What actual issue is going on/happening? We aren't there to see so the more details you can give us, the better we can help. 

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