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Re: Xbox one best settings?


Re: Xbox one best settings?

Being the perfectionist that I am, even though my previous settings worked really well. I have found more ways to improve my Black Ops 3 experience. It now feels as though I am cheating and perhaps I am because most people don't have this setup.

With port forwarding I deleted the 53 and 80 (my logs showed interesting activity)
I added the following: tcp and udp: 77, 3330, 2869, 10243, 10280-10284
Udp only: 1900

With reserved ip addresses I added every device that connects to my router to have an assigned address far from the Xbox (device 1 .101/ device 2 .102/ etc./ Xbox .200)

With qos I ran an upload speed test on test my.net and choose the 100 mb option. I got 9.5 previously I was getting 12 or so from speedtest.net. I set my qos upload bandwidth at 9.
Also I deleted all of the default rules and setup custom rules for each device on my network using the MAC address option. Giving Xbox highest priority and everything else normal priority.

I replaced the Comcast modem with the Motorola surfboard sb6183.

In wan settings check the box to enable respond to ping on Internet port.

If you are lucky enough to get IPv6 like I now do. Set that up under advanced settings. For me auto configure worked. Near the bottom with the two radial buttons don't use auto select the use dhcp option.
Also setup the Google IPv6 dns servers here.
If you run a test through the settings on the Xbox you should still see your .200 IP address instead of an IPv6 IP address but the dns servers should be the Google IPv6 ones.
To fully test go to the edge browser on the Xbox one and go to an IPv6 test website (Comcast has one) after that test you should get 10/10 and it should show your IP address as a IPv6 address in the browser.

Also go and setup the IPv4 dmz servers as googles IPv4 servers. (

You can turn the wifi off on the router if no one is using it by holding the wifi button on the router. This will make the router not have to work so hard if no one is using wifi.

Cables ensure all cables are tight. I recommend upgrading them if you have the cash (cat6).

Xbox: plug directly into wall outlet (this is explained by Microsoft as important) not a power strip.
I noticed recently that there is an option in settings where you can set 60 hz refresh rate It was on by default for me but I disabled allow the 50 hz and other lower hz options.
I also adjusted some other things that my tv could support like the color depth to 36.
I also turned off smart glass connections.

I just upgraded my day one edition to the new elite bundle. OMG it is crazy. I used to load into matches and the timer would be between 2 - 10 sec until the round starts. Sometimes the match had already begun. Now every time I'm the first person in and the clock is 14 - 16 sec. Every time! Not sure if it's the Xbox contributed but after about 4 hrs playing online with the new console I have yet to have any lag that can't be explained by other people's connections.
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Re: Xbox one best settings?



I found this post while browsing Google Search, some days i have amazing games and other days it just seems to lag a lot. I am currently working my way though your guide NUKLRSOLDR.


I did some tweaks last night before going to a football match and i plan to continue this evening. I would like to thank you for taking your own time to document your tweaks and fixes.


I will report back soon, thanks again 🙂

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Re: Xbox one best settings?

So I'm not sure exactly why somethings work and others don't. Certainly there are a lot of debates over many router settings.
But when the router is working correctly it is a night and day difference. Last night as I seemed to be having more lag than usual I assumed a reboot might be needed but no dice. So I thought it's just gonna be one of those nights I'm better off playing something else. Then I thought about something that was so crazy it just might work.
I made two changes but I suspect it was not the turning off of downstream qos.

This router was designed to work with Xbox live. Simply to just work even with multiple consoles.
You see all over not to use a combination of upnp or dmz or port forwarding so that they don't conflict with each other. Well I thought I saw before that I got open nat with none of these. So even using one might conflict with the basic firmware. So I turned all off and immediately all the lag was gone and it seemed that god mode was once again enabled. And still had open nat.
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Re: Xbox one best settings?

If you want to fix ALL your lag issues buy a netduma.


Best router on the market, i ordered one and no more messing with settings to try and get perfect gaming. this fixes all issues with lag 🙂

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Re: Xbox one best settings?

I've heard of it and I think that is the way I'm about to go. Are there any downsides to a netduma?
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Re: Xbox one best settings?

No downsides to anything yet. great bit of kit. saw me go from like 35-40 kills to an easy 65+ per game of Dom 🙂


Read the forums and the start up wiki to get it started and tweak like a boss!


Best item i ever invested in for the console.

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Re: Xbox one best settings?

What console do you use? I assume the natgeo thing works with Xbox one?
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Re: Xbox one best settings?



It works with PS4, Xbox One and PC. I am on Xbox One 🙂



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Re: Xbox one best settings?

Regarding netduma, experience trumps theory, so I defer to alex-devine's testimony regarding the superiority of the R1 towards gaming.  I took a quick peak at the featureset and it's very much geared towards maximizing player performance.  WRT hardware, the R1 doesn't hold a candle to Nighthawk routers.  The R1 is a 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz only router.  It doesn't support 5 GHz or 802.11ac.


There's a really good R1 review over on reddit.  The poster even compares it with his R7000.  Interesting fact: The R1 runs a customized version of OpenWRT.


Bottom line: Know what you are getting and make sure it meets your needs.

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