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Can I use AX6600 with Orbi?


Can I use AX6600 with Orbi?

Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your patience as I am new here and I am half-way tech savvy but not with networking gear. I recently moved and started a new system. I got the Orbi (RBS 850) router with 2 satellites. It is working well. Someone gave me a new in the box Nighthawk AX8 (AX66600 - Model #RAX70) Tri-Band Wifi 6 Router. I would like to put it in another area of the house, and I can plug it into an ethernet port.. Can I put it in bridge mode or somehow use it as an access point with the Orbi system? Where would I go to tweak the settings since it wouldn't come up in the Orbi app, etc.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Re: Can I use AX6600 with Orbi?

You can use it in access point mode but it won't integrate with the orbi system. 

What I do in these situations is set it up in access point mode and make sure its on a different wireless channels (to prevent interference). 

Then I either use it to offload the orbi by putting the devices that have fixed locations (aren't mobile), IoT devices, or even just use it as backup. 

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