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Re: Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Random reboots (SXK80)


Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Random reboots (SXK80)

Hi all, 


I have an Orbi Pro WiFi 6 setup with 1 Router (SXR80) and 1 Satellite (SXS80).  They've been running ok with great speed for the past few weeks but over the past couple days, I've started seeing random reboots on the router every couple hours - I can see the uptime on both Router and Satellite in http://address/debug.htm.  


I'm on the latest firmware on both Router and Satellite.  


I've disabled automatic DST under NTP and I've disabled the traffic meter.


Anyone here from Netgear can help look through some diag logs?  Set up is less than a year old



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Re: Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Random reboots (SXK80)



Welcome to our community! 🙂


It seems that you are having issues with your Orbi Pro system. May you be able to capture the debug logs after the issue occurred? Just in case the router is working fine, don't capture the logs. Capture it only when the issue occurred.


  1. Log into Orbi Pro by https://<ip address of Orbi Pro>/debug.htm
  2. Start capture when the issue occurred.
  3. Wait at least 5 mins to record everything in the debug log file system.
  4. Save the debug logs and send them via private message for review.

I'm looking forward to your reply.





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