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SRK60 with Fios Router


SRK60 with Fios Router

I have Verizon fios with a Fios Router on the bottom floor of a 3 story townhouse.  I purchased the SRK-60 two pack with Router and Extender.  The questions are, can I use the router and extender BOTH in access point mode?  If so, can the router be connected via ethernet backhauk and the extender via WiFi backhaul?  This would be the best case scenario for my application so I could give out DHCP with the Fios and have it cover the down stairs area and ethernet ports it currently feeds and allow me to have better signal on 3nd and 2nd floors.  IF so how and if not what is the best option on how to configure?  Thanks.

Model: SRK60B03|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: SRK60 with Fios Router

In access point mode, the SRK60 lets the primary router control routing functions. The SRS60 is already acting as an access point. 

You'd want to hardwire the SRK60 in access point mode. It wouldn't function wireless.

so you'd go:

fios router----wired--->srk60 (ap mode)------wireless----->srs60

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