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Re: IoT and SmartThings


IoT and SmartThings

I have just spent the last 2 days emailing Samsung Support about my Smartthings Hub going offline for 1 - 2 mins every couple of hours.


The support has been excellent, troubleshooting, fault finding and going through all my Hubs logs (including the server logs at their side of the connection specific to my account).


The bottom line is that everything has been checked and rechecked and the Hub and their servers are functioning correctly. The problem is the Network connection - it keeps dropping.


As a result all the devices (of which there are many) are totally unstable and its a real nightmare.


Im just about to breakdown the Hub and all the connected IoT devices before rebuilding and trying again. As no doubt when I do reach out for Netgear support the first thing recommended will be to reset / check setup, connections and cables etc. My ISP internet connection is pretty much rock solid so there are no problems there.


In the meantime has anyone else encountered any such problems and if so any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. 


Smart Home ?  At the minute it is as thick as pig SH@T

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Re: IoT and SmartThings

I've always had my ST hub (and Hue bridge) wired to my Orbi satellite, and I haven't had any unexplained Orbi-related connecteion drops with either ST or Hue.


I'm one of the fortunate folks who has had very few issues with my Orbi since I purchasded it last fall...  My network is working really well overall on the latest f/w (  I've admittedly had some hiccups with some of the various f/w releases over the past year, but nothing ever on any major or sustained scale.

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Re: IoT and SmartThings

Thanks Hydro130,


I've had my hub connected to the router and Im just about to try it attached to a satellite.


The first 4 months (ish) no problems at all with the router, the last 5 months progressively worse overall with all manner of issues.


However up until the last few days my SmartThings Hub was pretty stable throughout, which is strange going from stable to unuseable with no apparent changes to the setup.


 But now its awful - hence the rebuild of IoT.



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Re: IoT and SmartThings

I've had the same problem for as long as I've had the SmartThings v2 Hub.  SmartThings even replaced my Hub, but the new one does the same thing.


After all the trouble shooting, we finally came to the conclusion that the number of devices on my wireless router was more than could be handled at one time.


I added an Access Point and the problem hasn't gone away, but happens much less frequently.


I think with computers, smartphones, cameras, tablets, TV's, Satellites receivers, etc. the typical consumer wireless router, just can't handle all the traffic and rotates through the different devices to keep as many as possible on line at one time.


There may be a setting to prioritize the Hub that would prevent this, but I haven't found it.


Hope this helps?




Phil Slaughter

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