GS724Tv4 slow response time


GS724Tv4 slow response time

I have a GS724Tv4 on my home network which has been playing up recenty.  I'd been noticing some network dropouts, so checked the firmware which was out of date, but not particularly old. 


on trying to upgrade i recieved multiple failures from the admin tool, saying execution timeout.  I eventually (probably around the 15-20th attempt) managed to upgrade the FW to


even with the firmware upgraded I'm suffering massive issues with the GUI, it struggles to even load the login splash screen, when I do get in loading pages from the GUI menu giving me frequent timeouts, on the occasions I can load a page peforming basic functions such as setting the time fail.  


I've tried multiple reboots and a factory reset, but am running out of ideas.  it strikes me as something like a RAM or Flash type failure, but the switch is only ~14 months old and hasn't exactly had heavy use so shouldn't be suffering such failure.  I can't get to the logs to even try and validate this hunch and am running out of ideas.  


any suggestions on course of action to take would be welcome



Model: GS724Tv4|ProSafe 24 ports Gigabit Smart switch
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Re: GS724Tv4 slow response time



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


Since you have already factory reset the GS724Tv4 switch, let us try this.  Disconnect the GS724Tv4 from your existing network.  Then, connect a PC directly to any port and set a static IP address of 192.168.0.x (x can be a number from 1 to 254 except 239). Then, try to access the web-GUI using its default IP Address which is  Check also if you can get replies when you ping the default IP Address of switch. 


You can try using Incognito mode on Chrome or use other browsers like Firefox in accessing the web-GUI. 


If you still cannot access the web-GUI, kindly open a support ticket with NETGEAR Support here anytime.  Let them know the status of your GS724Tv4 switch and the troubleshooting steps you've done so far.  A hardware check will be done and if ever its declared faulty, an online replacement will be processed as long as the switch is still within the hardware warranty. 






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Re: GS724Tv4 slow response time

Hi dane, thanks for the pointers, I've tried the direct access route, and still get the same.  I've since had to take the switch out of the network as the devices connected were starting to have problems, which have been resolved since the change to another switch.


I'll submit a ticket.

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