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GS728TXP (S3300-28X-PoE+) EOL // Replacement?


GS728TXP (S3300-28X-PoE+) EOL // Replacement?

I notice the GS728TXP (S3300-28X-PoE+) switch I bought a few months ago has now been listed as EOL. What switch will be taking the place of the GS728TXP? There does not appear to be another switch that has SFP+ ports like this switch.


Also - I was provided a firmware version from Netgear support that fixed an issue with IGMP snooping. The version has not been published yet. Will the support site be updated with this version at some point, or will a final version be released?


Version - Allows Bonjour / mDNS packets to travel across the uplink ports to other switches when IGMP snooping is enabled.

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