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Old Switches vs Newer


Old Switches vs Newer

I have:


2 x GS108Tv2

1 x GS724Tv3

1 x GS105v4


I have Synology Routers and Mesh devices.


WiFi and Wired is used across the house although WiFi does struggle in some areas so we wire where we can


I also have NAS and I use link aggregation on the GS724T


Recently we have been having more intermittent network, we have NEST Smoke sensors, Phones, Cameras POE to NVR and NEST doorbell camera.


Calling over Wifi is poor and getting lag on Video Conferencing in Teams sometimes.


Would a new switch solve the issues?   Do they handle packets better?


Although Video is mostly wireless, would that stilll get mixed with other traffic and go to switch if the MESH is connected via the Switch?


Synology Mesh Routers can be wired back to to the Main Router eiither direct or via a switch.

Would utilising one of the above for all Mesh connections work better than all through 724T?


Are there any settings I can tweak to help.  Apart from LAG Ive not changed any switch settings.



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Re: Old Switches vs Newer

A new(er) switch is not going to solve your problems. You'll have to rethink how and where you connect your net devices that make up your network. Some form of QoS can be used that prioritizes certain streams
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Re: Old Switches vs Newer

What do you recommend I do?


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