XS708T and XS716T discontinued ?


XS708T and XS716T discontinued ?

Hello - 

what on earth is going on ?  It appears that Netgear has discontinued the XS708T and XS716T, leaving the XS712Tv2 the only "small" 10G switch left.  And for the longest time, you could not even find a XS724EM, but now they seem available again.  I know there is a component shortage - but is Netgear still interested in the 10G market ? 


Perhaps I am wrong. 

Bob Zelin


Model: XS708T|8-Port 10-Gigabit Copper Smart Managed Pro Switch with 2 Copper/SFP+ Combo Ports
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Re: XS708T and XS716T discontinued ?

Hi Bob,


Unfortunately, XS708E, XS708T, XS712Tv2, XS716E and XS716T are all going to discountinue due to the discontinued key components of the switches. XS512EM will be the option for now for demand of low port-count 10G switch. NETGEAR is trying the best to launch new products to replace them as soon as possible. For 24-port and 48-port 10G switch demand, XS724EM, XS728T and XS748T are active and good to order.


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