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Netgear Engage improperly assigning VLAN IDs on M4300 series


Netgear Engage improperly assigning VLAN IDs on M4300 series

I'm deploying a number of M4300 series switches using the new Netgear Engage software package and running into multiple instances where the VLAN profile port assignments that I select in the software are not applied as it should to the switch. I can enable the default data profile as tagged traffic on a port specific and then go into the full fledged GUI and find that VLAN ID set as forbidden on that port. I've been locked out of my system multiple times now from being able to remotely administer forcing me to resort to the OOB port to properly assign the port and regain access to the system. Has anyone else run into this and found something to work around this bug? My conversations with Netgear support thus far have yielded nothing fruitful as this is software, not hardware. Thanks all!



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