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Local UI and ReadyCloud UI permission setting needs aligning


Local UI and ReadyCloud UI permission setting needs aligning

Running OS 6.1.2 on the 102 model.

When setting up a local user in ReadyNas (local access) you can set the "Folder" and "File" permissions. When doing the same in ReadyCloud you can only set the "Folder" permissions. The way you can see this is by looking at the "Folder" and "File" settings for a share via ReadyNas local access, the tick-boxes for the ReadyCloud users will be ticked/unticked depending on what you set via the ReadyCloud UI, but only on the "Folder" tab, the "File" tab is always blank. Currently it is not possible to tick/untick permissions for ReadyCloud users via ReadyNas local access.

Depending on use of ReadyNas I understand the reason for being able to set up users both in the ReadyNas directly and in ReadyCloud, but I do not understand why the settings are not aligned in terms of permission configuration detail and ability to change ReadyCloud permissions locally with the admin account.

Also, it seems that if you set restrictions locally, i.e. "Folder"/"File" not read/write available to "everyone", then it does not matter what you set the ReadyCloud permissions to, as the local permissions take precedence - coupled with the fact that you cannot give "File" permissions to ReadyCloud users you now have an access limitation in my mind.

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