ReadyCloud & Remote access needs aligning


ReadyCloud & Remote access needs aligning

Running OS 6.1.2 on the 102 model.

Currently when setting up a user account for ReadyCloud, REMOTE and DROP are activated and there is no way of deactivating REMOTE or DROP in current functionality.

Not a big deal you might think, but try this: restrict access to a few folders for the new user and log in to ReadyCloud - as expected the restricted folders will not show. Now log in using REMOTE - all folders and files are shown.

I.e. if you are looking to restrict access to folders and files on your ReadyNAS, e.g. to colleagues/family members, you basically should avoid setting up a ReadyCloud account for them. Another post stated that ReadyCloud is still only suitable for a single user environment and I can only agree, but hopefully this request and the support ticket will solve the limitation/issue.
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