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ReadyCLOUD keep forwarding to administration


At first I would like to appologize to spam in this thread, but I couldn't find appropriate subsection for ReadyCLOUD.

I've been trying to setup cloud services onto my ReadyNAS RN104, but so far with any luck.
I've tried ownCloud from community applications, but it didn't work. Link:

I followed youtube tutorial from netgear pages. I've turned on ReadyCLOUD, ReadyDROP and ReadyNAS Remote and created account, pressed backup button, discovered the device, but after clicking Manage, I've got Unknown Certificate and even when I continue I ended up on the main page of administration in my ReadyNAS []

Any ideas?
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Re: ReadyCLOUD keep forwarding to administration

What Cloud Services in particular are you after?

ReadyCloud, ReadyNAS Remote and ReadyDROP all are different to each other.
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Re: ReadyCLOUD keep forwarding to administration

What you experience is entirely normal, if I followed what you did. You seem to have installed your NAS and activated cloud service in local administration page, from you told everything went fine.
The address 192.168.x.x is your NAS local address. It's designed to get you to the admin interface. Once cloud services are activated (it seems to me they already are for you), go to and log with your ready cloud account, from there you'll have cloud options. ReadyNAS remote app should provide you access to your files remotely too.

Readycloud service => allows users to connect to your NAS with a ready cloud account
ReadyDROP => dropbox like service using your NAS for destination
ReadyNAS Remote => remote access to your files via an application => cloud services portal for Netgear ReadyNAS
https://IP => Local administration page for your NAS to manage non-cloud things.

PS : the certificate thing is normal too, just add exception for this certificate and you are good to go. it just means that you didn't pay the fee to get one certificate for your device at thawte, verysign or stuff like that. HTTPS will run properly, you computer just said that nobody told him who that computer was and that this computer could be telling the truth or not, but since you own that computer you pretty much know that it's not trying to trick you.
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