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All lights blinking


All lights blinking

We have had this unit for some time without any problems and now the act light is flashing, the 1&" lights are flashing and the light above the backup button is flashing -  all random speeds and all simultaneously.  I cant see the NAS drive on the network anymore and I can ping its IP address either.  Any ideas?

Model: RND2000v2|ReadyNAS Duo v2 Chassis only
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Re: All lights blinking

Do you know what firmware your NAS is running (in particular whether it runs 4.1.x or 5.3.x firmware)?


Try powering down the NAS, and removing the disks (labeling by slot).  Then power up the NAS, and see if RAIDar can find it ( https://kb.netgear.com/20684/ReadyNAS-Downloads ).  It should see the NAS, and give you a "no disks" status.  Let us know if it does that (maybe also provide a screen shot).

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