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Need to update RN516 BIOS


Need to update RN516 BIOS

I recently acquired an RD516 that I've converted to an RN516, but it has an older BIOS I want to update.  This has been discussed before in the forum, but always handled via PM, not in the forum itself.  I understand that's because it's not as straightforward a process as it was for legacy systems.  But I now find myself in need of the file(s) and instructions or remote assistance on a second hand NAS.  There is no volume I care about on the NAS, if that makes it any easier.

Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: Need to update RN516 BIOS

Depending on which BIOS date you are updating from the main benefits are:


  1. Enable VT-x in the BIOS
  2. Automatically boot off a NTGR USB Service key such as USB Boot Recovery when connected to the front USB port (much easier than needing to press the O.K. button at just the right moment, not too soon or not too late)
  3. Updated USB3 F/W


These changes were added over time. For most users they are nice to have, but not essential.


The ReadyDATA 516 with its 16GB RAM is a nice box to use for running VMs directly on the NAS, for which VT-x would be important.

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Re: Need to update RN516 BIOS

It's actually planned as a replacement for the remote NAS at my brothers' place.  It was one of the earlioest BIOSes and updated USB3 was what concerned me, since I've not seen a list of what about it was updated.  He backs up his computer via Clonezilla as an image to USB and then puts it on the NAS, where I further back it up to my NAS.  He'll love that the old Pro6 with USB2 only is being replaced with a machine with USB3.


I, too, have been helped behind the scenes to get the BIOS updated.  And having the complexities of different ages of units explained to me, I understand why It's necessary to do it that way.  It would be way too easy for the uninitiated to brick their unit.

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