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Re: ReadyNAS 312 6.6.1 systemd-journal log


ReadyNAS 312 6.6.1 systemd-journal log

I see a lot of these style entires: 


* apache2[19277]: [warn] [client] mod_auth_token: SHM capacity FULL. Shift memory to fit one more token. ts_end 320f83f8" *


in the systemd-journal log file.


Is this a 'thing' to be concerned about?


Yes, we are having some behavioural issues with this box (losing Readycloud app access via the VPN, the device showing "offline" in readycloud portal occasionally and the the NAS suddently being inaccessible locally which seems to crash Mac OS X FInder. Restarting Finder reconnects and it is OK again.

We don't know if it is a local LAN problem. The device has 2 LAN sockets. Only one is connected, should we connect both or just try the other one for a while?

Is there a log file that would indicate 'Network' connection errors? The standard web interface errors do not show any erros or warnings of this type at all.


we have a case request out with Netgear support but I know that some of you are superb with these things. 







Model: RN31222E|ReadyNAS 300 Series 2-Bay
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Re: ReadyNAS 312 6.6.1 systemd-journal log

You've got a huge number of snapshots on your system.

Quotas have just been disabled on your volume. I'd suggest deleting a large number of snapshots then disabling snapshots / reducing frequency of snapshots / reducing number of snapshots kept under a retention policy on a number of your shares. Note change the share settings will re-enabled quotas at the volume level.

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Re: ReadyNAS 312 6.6.1 systemd-journal log

HI there. Apologies for the lateness of my reply to this; I haven't actually been in a position to follow this up - I did ask the customer if I could reduce the snapshot frequency at the time but they never replied.


I will chase up on this and get back to them. I have just downloaded the most recent logs and it does not appear to be reporting these errors.

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