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Re: Rsync broken since 6.7.1 & 6.7.3


Re: Rsync broken since 6.7.1 & 6.7.3

FWIW, I got the "Unrecognized Server" error, and then the uploaded/reboot prompt dialog.  Re-uploaded and got the same result, twice more.  Finally, after going in on SSH and confirming that things looked ready to go, I went ahead and rebooted.  It did the update and came up on 6.7.5.


RN104, going from 6.7.5-T299


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Re: Rsync broken since 6.7.1 & 6.7.3

All units have now been updated to 6.7.5


Superficially, it appears rsync is now working again.


We have scheduled this weekend to thoroughly test every file in the backups with the files in /Data to ensure integrity.


Thanks to those at Netgear who expedited the code.

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Re: Rsync broken since 6.7.1 & 6.7.3

How will you be checking the integrity of the data 


my unit rn104 has also been updated to 6.7.5 


my backups do report as successful and do run more than previous firmware releases but I have ran into some errors still 


Data stored in home folders didn't backup reported successful , log indicates ACL Errors also 


Couldnt gain permission to access home folders inside backup 

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Re: Rsync broken since 6.7.1 & 6.7.3

Hi Spacemonkey12,


Spacemonkey12 wrote:
How will you be checking the integrity of the data


We have always:

  1. Done a backup
  2. Checksummed each file (proprietrary scripted)
  3. Parrallel run dummy identical transactions on two computers - ensured each result is identical - very time consuming.
  4. For files such as media files relied only on 2 above as they are not critical.

There are too many files to do this in a short time. So data is always categorized as essential, can be recreated or not important if lost.


We use our golden rules of backups:

  • never trust them
  • do daily or hourly as required
  • every 2nd day
  • every week
  • every month

This way, to date, we have been able to recover from corrupted files in backups or in use.


We have to provide an audit every time a clients data needs recovering so we have developed many safeguards.


Each to their own needs - this has worked for us and files do get corrupted.


I'm sure others have different methods - you might consider a separate thread on checking the integrity of backups?


Hope this helps.

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