Wasabi for off-site backup on RN316


Wasabi for off-site backup on RN316


I've decided to do off-site backup of my files using Wasabi after trying things out with its free trial.  So far, so good.


In setting up my file structure within Wasabi, I have 2 basic buckets - one with versioning turned on and one that is without versioning (which holds most of my quasi-static files) since i don't want the extra overhead of retaining past versions on much of my storage. 


Once i set up my log-in credentials on the RN316 "CLOUD" page, I appear to only be able to write to the single bucket that i set up during my initial setup on my ReadyNAS (RN316)


Is there a workaround that lets me choose which bucket is my target location depending on my source file/directory on my RN316?


Thanks for the input.


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