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Dual wan port link aggregation


Dual wan port link aggregation

I have a generic pfsense firewall machine with 2 wan and 2 lan ports. I know how to set up a load balancing system on both wan ports.

But I wonder how to set up a link aggregated system on both wan ports (not lan ports) as my isp is willing to offer link aggregation on both wan ports.


I know this should technically be possible, because I use a FreeBSD machine behind the firewall on which I also use link aggregation, what can be setup in the /etc/rc.conf file, which is very easy to do. 


As there are no menu options for wan link aggregation in pfSense itself I suppose it can be done trough the command line interface.


But pfSense differs from FreeBSD as /etc/rc.conf seems not to be excisting. Is there anybody here who can tell me how to setup dual wan port link aggregation on my pfSense machine?


Thank you in advance for any comments

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Re: Dual wan port link aggregation

Hello MaartenV,


For questions regarding troubleshooting your PFsense setup I would recommend checking out the Netgate forums which owns PFsense and raise your questions there:



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